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Sublimation Water-based Silk Screening Ink

Water-based silk screening printing ink which is researched and developed by my own company, is partly refined from imported raw material. Such ink is environmentally friendly, no poison, no smell, harmless, no adverse effects to human body. It is able to be used for various heat transfer printing on fabric, polyester pellicle and metal-coated board. This product is suitable for a variety of domestic or import heat transfer printing machines, whose excellent performance has received high praise from all the country customs.

Water-based silk screening printing ink is divided into spot-color and four-color.

1.Use method: first, print words and patterns on wood pulp paper or kraft paper(excluding dots printing), then transfer the pattern onto printing stock in order to get bright, clear, washable, sun-proof printed fabric(heat transfer printing in the metal coating can use flat-plate heat transfer printing machine).

2. Specific operation:

First mix the ink evenly before use. Can add water, “A” slurry, thickener to adjust the viscosity.

(1)Print with 120-200 DPI silk screening board according to the precision of the words and patterns. Each kilogram ink can be printed out 10-17m2?and 3-4 times at least. This printing method is helpful for improving effectiveness and reducing costs to print positive-version, negative-version and multi-color pattern.

?(2)Paper requirements: Use 80g or 120g kraft (web) which is only 0.34yuan/m2. The paper which is suitable for large-scale negative-version printing can be transfer printed more than 3-10 times without burnt, broken and wrinkle.

?(3)Silk screen printing requirements: the needed number of mesh in the silk should be based on the transfer printing times and the precision of pattern. Use 200 DPI if transfer print 3 times. Use 120 DPI if transfer print more than 4 times.

(4)Reference number: If print red, the proportion is 100% magenta and 35%-40% yellow. If print blue, the proportion is 100% cyan and 20% magenta, more or less. If print green, the proportion is 80% cyan and 90% yellow.

3. Four-color printing ink (magenta, yellow, cyan, black) is also water-based silk screening ink. This ink can be used on ordinary white paper (100g) to get clear-dots, rich-colored printing patterns whose precision is up to 60 lines no block board. The price of the ink is one ninth of the imported offset ink each kilograms.

4. For alumina plate, stainless steel, copper and porcelain by the coating, the heat transfer temperature can refer to the temperature of polyester fabric.

5. We provide special color water-based ink according to user’s demand, and also provide silk screening printing or plate-making technology.

The required temperature list when transfer printing (for reference)

Fabric Name ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Transfer Temperature



Polyester Fabric




Polyester low flexibility Fabric




Three-acetate fiber fabric




Nylon Fabric